[Mailman-Users] Change of domain for existing mailman list

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Jan 20 08:08:42 CET 2009

on 1/19/09 5:21 AM, Grant Robinson [IAIDQ] said:

> I previously used forum at domain.org as the email address for my mailman 
> list, set up via Cpanel.

FAQ 6.11 in the Mailman FAQ Wiki at <http://wiki.list.org/x/sYA9> 
explains the problems with cPanel in general.

> Is it possible to rename the mailman folders and configuration to run in 
> a subdomain with email address forum at forum.domain.org retaining the 
> archive?
> Surely someone has changed domain names before and ported their mailman 
> installation. We just can;t find this on the online doco or discussion 
> forum/fora.

In general, Mailman does not allow you to change the name of a list.  If 
you want to do that, you have to create a new list with the appropriate 
changes, then bring over all the subscribers and delete the old list. 
If you are a list owner as opposed to the site administrator, you will 
not be able to copy over the archives of the old list.  You would need 
the assistance of the site administrator to do that.

However, cPanel made some changes to the way that lists were handled, to 
allow for encoding the domain name within the list name.  So, they may 
have also made changes to the code with regards to changing list names. 
  You would need to contact your provider or use cPanel resources (as 
explained in FAQ 6.11) in order to answer those cPanel-specific questions.

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