[Mailman-Users] Nesting lists, and other things

John Jackson johnj at external.umass.edu
Fri Mar 6 22:28:44 CET 2009

Hi Everyone! :)

What's the correct way (if any) to nest Mailman lists?

Is it correct practice to subscribe email addresses from the local 
host's alias file to the same host's Mailman lists?

Are there any suggested ways to expand on the Description information 
displayed on the http://xxx.yyy.zzz.edu/mailman/listinfo/ page, without 
actually sticking all that information into the list's field for that 
(since that's what's also used to form the list's 'Sender's Proper Name' 
in messages that go out from it?

I tried looking for documemtation for Mailman 2.1 but the references I've 
found so far indicate it's still being worked on.  I imagine those docs 
would be where I'd otherwise go to dig into these questions.  Thanks for 
everyone's help.  Mark Sapiro was an exceptional help to me with my last 
question! :)


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