[Mailman-Users] Feature request

Michael Welch mwelch at redwoodalliance.org
Tue Mar 17 01:45:53 CET 2009

Mark Sapiro wrote at 05:27 PM 3/16/2009:
>Michael Welch wrote:
>>Ahh, a workaround. Change the default setting, add the member, then change it back. 
>>Unfortunately, one has to wait until after the new member has confirmed before changing the default moderation settng back.
>I don't get it. Why would you want to moderate new members you invite
>and not moderate new members who subscribe themselves? If anything,
>this seems just backwards.

Fair enough question. One actual and one theoretical answer.

The actual case that just occurred was that a known off-topic poster from another related list wants to join the list in question. The list in question has no public component, so subscription requests beyond personal invitation are rare.

Further, sometimes I can just tell from an email address or a stated reason for  wanting to join that the person might be a spammer. On a Yahoo Group I manage, approximately 10-15% of the signups fit the categories of potential spammers or likely off-topic posters.

Lyris has a great feature that puts new members on moderation until they have had x number of unrejected posts. I really like that idea.

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