[Mailman-Users] Question about 'Content filtered message notification'

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu May 14 21:04:59 CEST 2009

Rick Pasotto wrote

>One of my mailing lists rejected a message today and I don't understand
>why. The contents of the mailman message are:
>  I 1 <no description>                [text/plain, 7bit, us-ascii, 0.2K]
>  I 2 Got a call from SBOE today             [message/rfc822, 7bit, 14K]
>  I 3   ><no description>                   [multipa/related, 7bit, 12K]
>  I 4     ><no description>             [multipa/alternativ, 7bit, 3.6K]
>  I 5       ><no description>       [text/plain, quoted, us-ascii, 1.2K]
>  I 6       ><no description>        [text/html, quoted, us-ascii, 1.9K]
>  I 7     >12758269.jpg                       [image/jpeg, base64, 8.8K]
>filter_content is 'yes'
>filter_mime_types is blank
>pass_mime_types is: multipart/mixed, multipart/alternative, text/plain
>filter_filename_extensions is exe, bat, cmd, com, pif, scr, vbs, cpl
>pass_filename_extensions is blank
>collapse_alternatives is 'yes'
>convert_html_to_plaintext is 'yes'
>for filter_action is 'Forward to List Owner'
>Why was this message rejected?

I don't know. If in fact the message Mailman saw was as described,
content filtering should have removed the message/rfc822 part (and all
its subparts - parts 2 through 7) but left part 1.

Is the structure above the message sent to the list, or is it the
'Content filtered message notification' you (the list owner) received
from content filtering?

If the latter, then the original message was essentially parts 3
through 7, and it was filtered because you don't accept

If you don't accept a particular multipart type, that part and all its
sub-parts are filtered regardless of the types of the subparts. If you
want to accept any text/plain part regardless of where it appears in
the message hierarchy, set pass_mime_types to "multipart, text/plain"

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