[Mailman-Users] Installation On Separate Server Plausible?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon May 18 02:19:53 CEST 2009

on 5/14/09 8:45 PM, Carlos Williams said:

> I am being told that my Postfix email server can no longer run Apache
> on the same physical server. The management has decided for specific
> reasons that Apache can only be installed and configured on the web
> server, not the mail server. The mail server will simply run Postfix /
> Dovecot.

You can certainly configure Mailman to use your new mail-only server as 
the external mail interface to the world, but I think you're going to 
need to have some sort of mail server running on the web server machine, 
even if that mail server is not otherwise externally accessible.  The 
reason is because of the way that messages are handed off to Mailman -- 
via e-mail.

The only other solution I can see is to have your mail server and web 
server both mount and share the same file storage, so that the mail 
server can provide the message input to Mailman (as well as the 
archiving, mailing the messages back out to the subscribers, etc...), 
and the web server can provide the WebUI for interacting with Mailman.

However, neither of these is an easy configuration to set up or 
maintain, at least not relative to the typical method.  I think we've 
got some pointers on doing this kind of thing in the FAQ and in the 
archives of this list, but there may be some details which are not clear 
to you and will need further clarification.

> This will force me to move web mail (RoundCube) & MailMan to my web
> server! My question is can I have MailMan function from scratch (no
> data needs to be migrated to the new install) from my web server and
> work?

You still need access to the data.  You can't just install a web server 
on another machine and expect it to magically have all the data.  And 
you still need to provide some way to update that data, and you still 
need some way to provide e-mail input and output to that system.

There are a few ways to solve these issues, but each has a different set 
of trade-offs, etc....

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