[Mailman-Users] Installation On Separate Server Plausible?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon May 18 02:58:55 CEST 2009

Brad Knowles wrote:

>on 5/14/09 8:45 PM, Carlos Williams said:
>> I am being told that my Postfix email server can no longer run Apache
>> on the same physical server. The management has decided for specific
>> reasons that Apache can only be installed and configured on the web
>> server, not the mail server. The mail server will simply run Postfix /
>> Dovecot.
>You can certainly configure Mailman to use your new mail-only server as 
>the external mail interface to the world, but I think you're going to 
>need to have some sort of mail server running on the web server machine, 
>even if that mail server is not otherwise externally accessible.  The 
>reason is because of the way that messages are handed off to Mailman -- 
>via e-mail.

This is the best solution. I.e., run Postfix (or another MTA) on the
new Mailman/webserver and use aliases or whatever on the primary MX to
relay list mail to Mailman.

You can also do this step by having list mail delivered to mailboxes on
the primary MX and then moving the mail via pop3/imap from the
mailboxes to Mailman with fetchmail or similar, although that may be
more difficult to configure.

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