[Mailman-Users] Moving my Mailman list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 10 20:20:38 CET 2009

TG Platt - WW Publ wrote:
>1. Can someone tell me if my hunch about not being able to move to a new
>server and back without access to the mailman command line utils is right?

You MAY be able to move lists without access to Mailman's command line
utilities, but you can't do it without write access to the Mailman
installation's lists/ and archives/ directories which you probably
won't have either.

IOW, you will need the cooperation of the host to install the lists at
their end.

>2. Is it possible to do the entire move from my server and back with nothing
>more than a tar-ed backup and the web interface? (I think it's not.)

I think it is, but only with the requisite access - see 1.

>3. If I MUST have access to the command line utils, what commands do I need
>aside from checkperms and possibly addmember?

If you aren't changing list names or domain names, the issue is
probably only one of permissions which might be fixable just by

chgrp -R mailman path...

but they aren't gooing to let you do that either.

>4. Did I overlook something? Is there some way to set up mailman during my
>server rebuild so that multiple domains can be supported under a single
>instance of mailman WITHOUT forcing all lists to use the same hosting domain

See Geoff Shang's reply to this.

>5. Are thee any other gotchas with my plan that I've overlooked?

You need a hosting service that will agree to accept your tarball
backup (lists/ and archives/ should suffice) and install your lists
for you. Otherwise, you'll need root access to the server before
you're done.

I don't know what you can work out, but if it were me, I'd look for a
short term agreement for a VPS.

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