[Mailman-Users] Can't post with thunderbird

Johannes Wienke languitar at semipol.de
Mon Nov 9 12:54:36 CET 2009

Am 09.11.2009 12:57 schrieb Stephen J. Turnbull:
> Johannes Wienke writes:
>  > I got a strange problem with a mailman mailing list hosted at kde.org. 
>  > I'm registered at that list and also got access to the admin interface. 
>  > The problem is that if I post a message with thunderbird it gets into 
>  > the archive but isn't delivered to the subscribers of the list, 
>  > including myself.
> Is your Thunderbird configuration set up to send HTML only, and the
> list set to filter it?

Sorry, the problem is already worked around ;) . The mailing list name 
includes a colon and thunderbird doesn't escape that character properly 
in the full name of the recipient. A bug report is already filed:


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