[Mailman-Users] Call me Don Quixote... :-(

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Nov 12 23:36:50 CET 2009

John wrote:

>What hasn't worked:
>* My service provider claimed the info in disable messages was insufficient for

And can you post one?

>* I reduced the bounce threshold, now people are kicked off sooner. Today's
>batch of almost 200 disables returned no useful information! All returned:
>> The triggering bounce notice is attached below.
>> Questions? Contact the Mailman site administrator at
>> mailman at rx7-world.net.
>> [disabled by periodic sweep and cull, no message available]

Because there was no 'triggering' bounce. The disable occurred because
the threshold was reduced to a value <= the current score for these

>* VERP worked a couple times on my test list, but never on the other lists, even
>though *sometimes* it did send the messages individually from the standard
>list-bounce address. I set VERP options:

Did you restart Mailman after changing those settings in mm_cfg.py?

>* couldn't find any useful information in the logfiles.

Anything in smtp-failure?

Does the smtp log say it delivered the post to the appropriate number
of recipients?

>Hopefully someone has a hint that might help me find a resolution to the problem....

Show us a disable message with an actual triggering bounce.

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