[Mailman-Users] buildup of "attachment" files...

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 17 20:55:48 CET 2009

Troy Campbell wrote:
>In the Content Filtering ->"Details for pass_mime_types" field
>I show the following:
>Would that be sufficient to do what you are suggesting if I
>turn "Edit filter_content" on? 

I suggest the following in pass_mime_types


plus collapse_alternatives and convert_html_to_plaintext = Yes

This will allow the sub-parts of any multipart message including
multipart/related and multipart/signed to be examined. It will also
allow plain text (and HTML) from attached messages and will ultimately
discard all but the first alternative from multipart/alternative and
convert any remaining HTML to plain text.

This will allow very little that will ultimately be scrubbed. Only
text/plain attachments with unspecified character sets.

>Could I then remove the "attachments" subdirectories?

You can remove the attachments directories anyway. They will be
recreated if needed. The problem with removal is there are messages in
the HTML archive with links to scrubbed attachments and if you remove
the directory or files, you break the links. Whether or not this is
important is up to you.

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