[Mailman-Users] Feature request: Emergency Broadcast

Bill Catambay andale at excaliburworld.com
Sun Nov 22 21:53:26 CET 2009

The weekend crew at my ISP are general tech support (i.e., they 
really only handle internet connection issues).  My ISP does have an 
Operations group which usually are pretty knowledgeable, but I they 
simply aren't working on the weekend.

For what it's worth, they are the best ISP I have had in 20 years 
(and I've been through a few).  They are rated #1 in customer support 
in the Bay Area for a reason, and for that reason I would never find 
a new ISP.  I'm still hopeful that they can get me through the 
Mailman customization I am requesting.

When I used Autoshare listserver software, it ran on my home server 
(a Mac), and I never had to rely on anyone for support (handled 
everything myself).  Unfortunately, that software has not been 
updated in over 10 years and is no longer supported (there isn't even 
a version that runs on Mac OS X, only a classic version).  I noticed 
my ISP offered mailing lists (using Mailman), and I made the move 
this year to migrate all my lists.


At 2:35 PM -0600 on 11/22/09, Brad Knowles wrote:

>We can repeat the mantra -- Mailman was *NEVER* designed to be used 
>in a Service Provider environment, especially not with multiple 
>customers who may have very different needs, and most especially not 
>when the Service Provider in question doesn't actually provide any 
>of the necessary support to go along with the software.
>If I could shoot every single service provider who just threw up 
>whatever kind of crap they thought they could make stick and make a 
>point of avoiding all the necessary support, there would be many, 
>many fewer crappy providers in this world.
>At the very least, you should find a different provider where they 
>actually give you the support you require.

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