[Mailman-Users] Multiple List Pending Requests

Rex Goode rexgoode at verizon.net
Thu Nov 26 16:26:22 CET 2009

Hello, everyone. I'm new here.

I operate several Mailman lists. I have lots of questions, but will 
start with the most pressing one.

It is cumbersome, with so many lists, to go in to each list's page of 
pending administrative requests to see what is waiting for me to act upon.

I just discovered withlist this morning. I think I can handle my shell 
for iterating through all of my lists.

Is there some way, possibly with withlist, for me to get a list of 
pending requests for a list. I don't need a lot of information about 
them. Maybe even just a number of pending requests. The results of the 
query on all lists would go to me in an email.

My users are getting annoyed when I get around to looking at their held 
messages and releasing them two weeks after they sent them. Maybe I'm 
just irresponsible, but it seems I should be able to know which lists 
have pending requests with just one click/cron/something.


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