[Mailman-Users] Multiple List Pending Requests

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Nov 27 03:01:23 CET 2009

Rex Goode wrote:
>I operate several Mailman lists. I have lots of questions, but will 
>start with the most pressing one.
>It is cumbersome, with so many lists, to go in to each list's page of 
>pending administrative requests to see what is waiting for me to act upon.

cron/checkdbs will mail to the ower of each list with outstanding
requests a summary of thos requests. In a normal, complete
installation this runs at 08:00 daily, but you can manually run it at
any time or adjust the crontab to run it more frequently.

Or you could make a script based on it that would print the output
instead of mailing it.

>I just discovered withlist this morning. I think I can handle my shell 
>for iterating through all of my lists.
>Is there some way, possibly with withlist, for me to get a list of 
>pending requests for a list. I don't need a lot of information about 
>them. Maybe even just a number of pending requests. The results of the 
>query on all lists would go to me in an email.

def count_requests(mlist):
    if mlist.NumRequestsPending():
        print 'List: %s, Requests = %i' % (mlist.real_name,

save that as bin/count_requests.py. Then run, e.g.

cd /path/to/mailman
bin/withlist -a -r count_requests | mail -s "subj" you at example.com

>My users are getting annoyed when I get around to looking at their held 
>messages and releasing them two weeks after they sent them. Maybe I'm 
>just irresponsible, but it seems I should be able to know which lists 
>have pending requests with just one click/cron/something.

It sounds like you haven't installed Mailman's crontab.

Also note, if you set General Options -> admin_immed_notify to Yes the
list owner(s)/moderator(s) will receive email notice of each request
as it is made.

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