[Mailman-Users] expost user list as csv

Svante Tidholm svante at tidholm.se
Mon Oct 19 10:08:42 CEST 2009

Hi all,
I've been using a shell script to compile a list of all subscribers on  
a list for our intranet at a site I'm taking care of. This is done  
with the mailman-subscribers.py script and some smart commands that  
parse the csv file in different ways.

I run this as a cron script hourly on the server so that the  
subscriber list is updated. Then suddenly I realized this is weird way  
to do it, it must be smarter to use the list_member command in bin/,  
but I can't get a nicely formatted CSV file as with mailman- 
subscribers.py. Has anyone a smart idea on how to fix this? Or maybe I  
should add it as a feature request somewhere for the list_members  

See these pages for more info what I'm talking about:


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