[Mailman-Users] Settings

certuspersonality info at certuspersonality.com
Sat Sep 5 13:07:48 CEST 2009

We are using Mailman as part of Cpanel on the Linux server at which 
our domain is hosted.
We allowed list members to post messages to the board but this has 
lately been misused to send spam messages around.
We have not been successful in altering the settings to adjust for 
this new situation; maybe you can help us.

We now want the members list to be used in the following way only.

1) Only allow the administrator to post messages on the board.
2) Automatically direct all member messages to the administrator for 
further handling.
3) Allow new members to subscribe but have the administrator approve 
of their subscription.
4) Allow unsubscriptions but inform the administrator of such.

What is the best way to let list members unsubscribe?

We have had no need to appoint a moderator in the past and would like 
to leave it that way, so all organizational and message handling 
should be in the hands of the administrator.

Kind regards

Herward Hencke
Mailing Lists Administrator

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