[Mailman-Users] Test mesages

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Sep 11 04:27:16 CEST 2009

Barry Warsaw writes:

 > >> stop the messages once it gets to the list. What I want to see is the
 > >> 'full loop' of the message as I send it, and as it gets sent back  
 > >> to me.
 > >
 > > Which by definition you can't strictly do because you have to
 > > alter the outgoing process in some way to remove the other
 > > recipients so you are not testing the original process.
 > I think you can get close though.

Sure.  But why bother?  IMO a much more useful approach would be a
simple way to clone a list in every way but the membership list and
the name.  In itself, that's an often requested feature.  Here, the
application would be to create a existing-list-specific test list.

I use a test list all the time for this purpose, and I do some "highly
creative" stuff with list-specific Handler pipelines, so it's a real
test of the idea.  I've yet to see a case where the test list behaves
differently from the real thing.

BTW, I think that MM developers is the wrong place for this
discussion, as clearly there's a major difference of consciousness
between me and Mark on the one hand and LuKreme on the other.  That's
not a situation where we can take a well-understood requirement to MMD
and bang out a spec.  If something needs to be done here, we need to
get "real users'" opinions of what needs doing, I think.

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