[Mailman-Users] combining 2 mailman servers into 1 - how to merge aliases & aliases.db

John Adamski adamski at graceland.edu
Tue Sep 8 21:07:01 CEST 2009

We have two servers that have mailman on them (SuSE 2.6.27, postfix, mailman 2.1.11) and we are combining the two servers into one.  Keeping the newest one.

I understand how to get the lists and archives from the server being decommissioned, by tar'ing the  mailman/archives & mailman/lists directories and moving them over to the newer server.

My question is how do I get the aliases & aliases.db files on the server I'm migrating all lists to, so it reflects all the lists.  Is it as simple as running bin/genaliases or do I have to manually update the aliases file then somehow regen the aliases.db?

The only think I could find in the FAQ was how to move everything from old server to new server not have to combine two different server into one.


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