[Mailman-Users] hide list address for security ..

Khalil Abbas khillo100 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 14 00:33:13 CEST 2009

> You mean your list members don't already know the address of the list
> they're on. If that's the case, it sounds like you're the spammer.


ofcourse I don't want them to know the address for the very same reason, spam to the list.. besides, they subscribe thru a form in my site not by email to the -subscribe address.. and cancel their subscription thru a form too.. now I'm getting huge loads of spam not only to my list, but to my sender's address which I can't change because all my subscribers are advised to mark this address as 'safe sender' in hotmail and yahoo and others..

> >yet again, for the list owner getting loads of unrecognized bounces is pain enough, I get hundreds of'em and open each and every one of them to make sure that there are no real bounces!
> I am sympathetic with that one. Running large lists is not easy.


it's not that large really, just a couple of thousands.. see? what if it's hundreds of thousands???? I guess I'd be having diabetes by now -:)


> However, I will tell you right now, I can't see ever making changes
> that would make it possible for you to hide the identity of a list
> from the members receiving its mail.

well, at least I tried :)




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