[Mailman-Users] Subscriber can no longer send to a list she is amember of

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Sep 17 22:33:07 CEST 2009

Chris Barnes wrote:
>Yesterday at about 2:00 one of the subscribers sent a message to the 
>list which was distributed.    At 3:45 she tried to send another message 
>to the list - this message was NOT distributed.   Since that time, she 
>has tried to send 3 or 4 other messages to the list - NONE of which have 
>gotten sent out.
>Other people (other subscribers) have sent things to the list and have 
>their messages distributed.   Everyone is using the same mail server 
>(the same one that mailman runs on).
>Which tells me:
>* the problem is not the mailman list
>* the problem is not the mail server
>She is not in the "blocked users" section of the Sender filters
>I have poured through the log files and can't find ANYTHING.
>Where would I begin looking to try to determine why this user can't send 
>messages to the list?

Does she receive a response or non-delivery notice?

What's in the MTA logs for her messages?

I would look in MTA logs first to see if her messages are arriving and
where/how they are being delivered.

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