[Mailman-Users] Admin interface not recording changes (not the FAQ)

Matthew Miller mmiller at riverstoneschool.org
Tue Sep 22 22:02:39 CEST 2009

We have mailman up and running successfully, in as far as it forwards
e-mails to the list and shows the interfaces for /listinfo and /admindb.
However, when I go into the web interface to configure list settings, it
accepts the input but doesn't record the change when I click Submit.  We're
running OS X Server v10.5.8, using mailman v2.1.9.

Before you leap on the "redirect" default e-mail, I have read the FAQ.  I
_did_ have a redirect going, because our root site URL was redirecting to
the webmail interface for the server. I have corrected that, and restarted
both the webserver and mailman.  I'm now going directly to the site, but the
behavior hasn't changed. (I'm sure of this, because I removed the redirect
first to find out why it was there - the admin interface was failing because
the root of the site was redirected to /webmail and the webadmin just
redirect mailman back, which of course didn't work well.  That has been
resolved so there is no root site redirection any longer, and thus the
mailman redirect isn't needed either and was removed as well.)  I don't
_think_ any of the other situations referred to in the FAQ are involved, but
I'm not a UNIX/Linux guru, so I may well have missed something due to
I suspect this is may be OS X related because everything looks good in the
mm_config.py and other config files (per the instructions on the mailman
wiki), so I posted on my usual Mac/OSX forums as a first step, but haven't
gotten any helpful answers (yet).

Anyone have any ideas?  I'm about ready to pull out all 3 of my remaining

Thanks in advance!

Matthew C. Miller
IT Technician / Registrar
Riverstone International School
mmiller at riverstoneschool.org

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