[Mailman-Users] Admin interface not recording changes (not the FAQ)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Sep 25 23:54:25 CEST 2009

Matthew Miller wrote:

>We have mailman up and running successfully, in as far as it forwards
>e-mails to the list and shows the interfaces for /listinfo and /admindb.
>However, when I go into the web interface to configure list settings, it
>accepts the input but doesn't record the change when I click Submit.  We're
>running OS X Server v10.5.8, using mailman v2.1.9.
>Before you leap on the "redirect" default e-mail, I have read the FAQ.  I
>_did_ have a redirect going, because our root site URL was redirecting to
>the webmail interface for the server. I have corrected that, and restarted
>both the webserver and mailman.  I'm now going directly to the site, but the
>behavior hasn't changed. (I'm sure of this, because I removed the redirect
>first to find out why it was there - the admin interface was failing because
>the root of the site was redirected to /webmail and the webadmin just
>redirect mailman back, which of course didn't work well.  That has been
>resolved so there is no root site redirection any longer, and thus the
>mailman redirect isn't needed either and was removed as well.)  I don't
>_think_ any of the other situations referred to in the FAQ are involved, but
>I'm not a UNIX/Linux guru, so I may well have missed something due to

View the source of the admin page in your browser. Near the top, there
is a <FORM action="..." method="POST" >. What is the action URL? Is it
what you expect, i.e. the same host and path as the page itself?

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