[Mailman-Users] digests without 'message #n..."

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Sep 25 18:17:56 CEST 2009

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>on further investigation, it appears Apple's Mail.app is behaving  
>with MIME format digests, when compared to mail(1), mutt(1), and the  
>Squirrelmail.   Mail.app doesn't present separators in any predictable  
>fashion, and
>includes huge amounts of white space, with no individually-viewable  
>message option,
>as far as I can tell.

Apple's Mail.app is designed to allow you to compose a plain text
message and to drag and drop almost anything into it. Unlike other
MUAs which do this by creating a multipart/related message with a
text/html part that references other 'attached' parts by Content-ID,
Mail.app just creates a multipart/mixed message with a bunch of
text/plain parts interspersed with image/jpeg, etc. parts, so when it
receives a multipart message, it essentially just concatenates all the
part contents inline.

This works well for mail it created, but not for standards compliant
mail, and it doesn't always work well when it's messages are viewed
with another MUA.

<editorial comment withheld>

>Incidentally Squirrelmail, my last-resort reader, presents the  
>messages quite nicely
>as a formatted list of attachments.  I have a feeling mutt(1) could do  
>the same thing
>with a bit of tweaking.

I use the 'v' command in mutt to see the attachment list. Then I can
select an individual message (attachment), open it, read it and reply
to it as if I had received the individual mail.

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