[Mailman-Users] can you temporarily disable individual lists?

ehrbar ehrbar at lists.econ.utah.edu
Thu Aug 5 03:44:49 CEST 2010

I have a different problem than Alan Rubin but maybe my solution could
help you.  I am using mailman with exim on a debian box for
homeworks in a class.  Here it is sometimes useful to have a record
what the students mail in, before it is processed by mailman.  For
this I added the following stanza to my exim configuration:

    driver = accept
    local_parts = econ5080
    unseen = yes
    transport = mail_spool

This goes before the mailman router according to the READNE-Exim4-Debian
This sends a copy of all the mail sent to the econ-5080 mailing list
into the file /var/mail/econ5080
After the end of the semester when I no longer need it I just
delete it.

I think if you leave out the "unseen = yes" line, the emails
will only go into the mbox file and will not also be
processed by mailman.  Perhaps someone else can tell you
the commands necessary so that mailman processes the emails
in this mbox file.


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