[Mailman-Users] can you temporarily disable individual lists?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Aug 5 04:40:12 CEST 2010

Alan Rubin wrote:
>I can get access to the web interface and the underlying OS.  What happens when you move/rename the directory?

One way or another (depending on MTA) the attempted post will be
returned as undeliverable.

>I guess if we disabled the list, we don't want mail to the list to start bouncing, we just want mail to not be sent even with moderation - until the list was re-enabled.  I guess a 'disabling' of the list would be like cutting out any mistakes until investigations are completed on errors or training is allowed for.

If you stop IncomingRunner or stop Mailman, posts will just be queued
in Mailman's in/ queue until Mailman or the runner is started. This
however will affect all lists, not just one. That may or may not be

If your MTA uses aliases, you could temporarily change the list posting
alias to deliver to a mailbox file and then later, switch the alias
back and process the mailbox to resend the mail to the list.

Or if this is Postfix, you could use Postfix header_checks to put all
messages that have a Received: header containing "for
<list at example.com>" in the HOLD queue and then release them later.
Other MTAs may have similar abilities.

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