[Mailman-Users] All sublists come from main list

Steff Watkins s.watkins at nhm.ac.uk
Thu Aug 5 11:54:59 CEST 2010


 I'm being pushed into the deep waters of making up a "list of lists"
using Mailman.

The user wants a number of sublists, call them X-1, X-2, X-3 which can
all be emailled to by sending the email to the X list address. That
shouldn't be too of a much problem (I think) although any pointers would
be appreciated.

However, they also want to be able to use the individual list address,
eg X-1, and make it "look" like the email was 'sent to' (not just from)
the parent mailing list address, X.

Is there a way of substituting/masking the sublist address so that it
looks like the sublist was emailled via the main/parent list address?


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