[Mailman-Users] HELP of sorts

Dave Foran dave at hamnet.org
Thu Aug 5 03:10:23 CEST 2010

I had Mailman installed and running well on my old Fedora Core 3 box
I got a new system and install CentOS 5.0 and mailman-2.1.9-4.el5.i386 is
installed and working
I ported all the data from /var/lib/mailman/   from the old, to the new
system and it is working well to a point
I tried to create a new list from the mailman/admin page and I get an error
I am not authorized to create lists
The only issue I see is I have 2 mailman site lists. One that was ported
over and one that got created when mailman starting running on teh new
Last night I was getting a messge that Oops  we have a bug while trying to
get to the "menu" of public lists. That has cleared up, and now I have the
issue of trying to create a new list but get the above error.
( I did create the list from the command line so I am out of the water)
I thought about deleteing the 2 sitelists, taring the remaining,  and maybe
uninstall and reinstalling mailman,  Create a new site list and un-tar the
remaining back
Might some one have some insight on how to proceed to correct my errors

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