[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.13 + vhost patches on multiple hosts

UGSD underground.sd at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 17:24:00 CET 2010

>> Most likely an error in changes you made
>> add this to mm_cfg.py
>> DEBUG_MODE = True
> There is no DEBUG_MODE switch in standard Mailman or in the vhost
> patch. Putting the above in mm_cfg.py does nothing because nothing
> references it.
> Exceptions and tracebacks should be logged to Mailman's error log
> regardless.
> Perhaps you are thinking of the STEALTH_MODE setting in scripts/driver
> which if set False will allow printing of traceback and other system
> information to the browser.

Hm.. you are right. In my attempts to figure out what was wrong with my vhost setup 
last week i searched google for "Mailman debug" and came across this page:


So i put 2 and 2 together... and got 5, but i guess i missed the part where it said

"Systers is an international community of over 3,000 women involved in technical-computing. 
The community uses a custom version of Mailman, that includes a thread subscribe and 
unsubscribe feature and the ability to self-add alternate email addresses."

My bad.

- Igor

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