[Mailman-Users] Archive did not 'roll over' to 2010

Jim Clauson, Breakthrough Systems jim at jclauson.com
Mon Feb 8 01:06:36 CET 2010

New subscriber with a problem over my head.

My list has been running fine and archiving for 2+ years.  When we 
hit 2010 -- no more archives.

Archives: http://deming-network.org/pipermail/den.list_deming-network.org/
Version:  2.1.12.cp3

I have not seen anything on the Mailman site, nor in the GUI to resolve this.

I have sent test messages and the distribution is working fine.  I 
have held the 30 or so postings - waiting to find an archive fix 
before I release them.

I am not a programmer, do not have command line access, do everything 
thru the GUI interface and do not have any access to the Pipermail 
directory where the archives reside.




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