[Mailman-Users] Formatting incoming mail in Mailman

Hank van Cleef vancleef at lostwells.net
Sat Feb 13 16:21:19 CET 2010

I just sent a message to my list from a webmail account, and got an
empty text body in what was sent out from the list.  Sent a second
message to a user account which I read with elm to see what's in 
the message body.  

This is all of what comes through sendmail into the mbox:

<DIV style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif; font-size:10pt;"><FONT
 style="font-family: Arial,sans-serif;">send a line or two of text to
see what t
his sob sends.<BR></SPAN></FONT></DIV>

Note that it's HTML, but with no mime type indicator of any sort.

I have Mailman content filtering for this list set to filter the
content (yes), remove attachments that don't match standard mime
types, collapse alternatives, convert html to text, and discard 
messages meeting the filtering rules.

Up to now, we've used demime in the sendmail "post" alias pipe
to demunge non-plaintext posts, but I'd like to switch to Mailman
internal demunging.  

The above webmail formatting is the default new subscribers to that
ISP get.  We need to able to handle posts from total novices who 
send such stuff.   

Current Mailman is 2.1.9.  

What do we do?


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