[Mailman-Users] Private archive nightmare with vhosts

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Feb 27 01:04:38 CET 2010

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Brian Wilson wrote:
>>There are a few things I noticed on my install today (Debian w/ Postfix).  
>>1) rmlist doesnt work properly:

Fixed by the attached patch.

>>2) Web locations are off...
>>If i go to archives for a list: http://lists.example.com/pipermail/lists.example.com/test/, the html link that links to listinfo uses DEFAULT_URL_HOST instead of the urlhost for the list I'm on (link goes to http://DEFAULT_URL_HOST/mailman/listinfo/test).

I'm not going to fix this. The problem occurs because the
MailList.MailList.Create() method initializes web_page_url with
DEFAULT_URL_HOST. It then calls the archiver to initialize the
archives, and only after returning to the caller (bin/newlist or the
create CGI) is web_page_url updated with the correct host name.

It only affects the initial 'empty archive' page. the first post to the
list will regenerate all the archive pages and the listinfo link will
be correct.

Fixing this properly is way too much work for too little benefit.

I have published a Bazaar branch to lp:~msapiro/mailman/vhost
<https://code.launchpad.net/~msapiro/mailman/vhost> which contains all
the work I've done to date on this branch.

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