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Adam McGreggor adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk
Sat Jan 9 16:52:48 CET 2010

On Sat, Jan 09, 2010 at 08:23:24AM +0000, davidoweir3 at yahoo.co.uk wrote:
> Is there any addon's for Nailman 

Wait for Mailman 3.

> Can i connect it to google groups

by 'connect' it's possible to subscribe the address of a google group
to Mailman. Although I'd see that as duplicious, and if there are
subscribers to the google-group, keeping posts (and perhaps
memberships) in sync might be a little effort.

> and how do i get this list to work on my rss feed 

there's probably an email -> rss CPAN module. YMMV (I don't use RSS

> and would you recommend me getting a SSL for the site

It's not really worth encrypting the web-traffic if you won't be
encrypting the mail. Why would you want to use SSL?

> what can a admin do

Read the docs.

> and how do i install this on a Cpanel VPS Linux 

Ask CPanel: search other list-posts from this week (and others)
regarding CPanel's reluctance to open-up their modifications to 
their code.

> What requirement's do i need on the VPS for mailman to work 

Depends on:
    *   the configuration of the machine; 
    *   what else is running on the machine; 
    *   how much mail you'll be sending;
    *   if you're going to be handling things to counter 
        spam, virus-laden mails, poor MIME types;
    *   hits to the httpd;
    *   and a variety of other factors.

> how do i make the list on list.example.com for example 

Read the Docs. (bin/newlist is one way)

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