[Mailman-Users] digest attachments

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 16 03:11:11 CET 2010

John Griessen wrote:

>One of my digest list members wishes they could see photo attachments in some
>clicky way using links in the digest email, but all I've figured out
>is to set archiving to on, and tell them to look there.  They won't
>jump through that many hoops, and still whine occasionally...
>Is there any way to have photo MIME attachments linked to in a digest email?

I don't understand. If your content filtering rules (or lack thereof)
allow photo attachments, and the regular list members receive them,
then those who subscribe to the digest in MIME form will receive the
same messages in their digest that the regular members receive, and
those who subscribe in plain text form will see messages in their
digests which have the non-plain text attachments removed and replaced
by hyperlinks to the attachment stored in the archive. This latter
process is referred to in Mailman as scrubbing and occurs whether or
not the list is archiving posts.

The process of scrubbing for the digest is identical to the process of
scrubbing for the archive, so if the archived messages have hyperlinks
to the scrubbed attachments, the plain digest does too, and the MIME
digest has the attachments in the digest.

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