[Mailman-Users] Storing list admin password in LDAP, or unencrypted?

Ivan Fetch ifetch at du.edu
Thu Jul 8 12:33:44 CEST 2010


    We would like to integrate Mailman with a spam quarantine system. List 
admin(s) will need to login to manage quarantined messages, and we would 
like this login to use the list admin password. I'd like some feedback on 
the best way to accomplish this, with Mailman.

    I can think of two ways to accomplish this -

    1. Mailman consults LDAP for the list admin password, and is able to 
also set that password (for the web UI and the change_pw script). Mailing 
lists are already defined in LDAP for our MTAs.

    2. The Mailman list admin passwords are stored in an unencrypted form, 
which we regularly sync to LDAP, for the quarantine system to use.

    IT seems like option 2 would be simpler in terms of code, although less 
ideal (because the password wouldn't be encrypted).

    Which method (or is there a third way?) is going to make the most sense 
for seamless integration with Mailman?



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