[Mailman-Users] Member receives rejected message but message goesthrough

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 8 20:08:36 CET 2010

Hung Phan wrote:
>We have a moderated list with 325 members. The list is set to reject  
>post from moderated members with a custom rejected message. A member  
>is set to allow sending. Every time this person send message through  
>the list, it kicks back a rejected message to the user but the message  
>goes through. The reject message that the user receive is generic from  

Look in Mailman's vette log and find all the entries relevant to this
user's post. If after that, you still don't know what's happening,
post the vette log messages here,

>We double-check and the user doesn't have the mod option checked. The  
>user is also enlisted in "List of non-member addresses whose postings  
>should be automatically accepted."

If the user is a list member, moderated or not, putting the user's
address in any of *_these_nonmembers is irrelevant because those apply
only to addresses which aren't list members.

>Where can we find the file that keep the user mod setting? Has anyone  
>experience this issue? Solution?

The file is lists/LISTNAME/config.pck. You can look at it with
bin/dumpdb, but I guarantee that you won't find anything there that
contradicts what the list's admin Membership List shows you. The mod
bit is the 2^7 (128) bit in the user's value in the user_options

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