[Mailman-Users] Changing URL used by main CGI executables

Jason Kania jason.kania at rogers.com
Tue Mar 9 07:05:21 CET 2010


I have spent the better part of the evening searching for an answer but to no avail. The problem that I am having is in trying to set the URL for the main CGI executables after a server move.

If I navigate to the URL http://www.mydomain.com/mailman/listinfo, I get a complete list of lists.

However, if I navigate to http://list.mydomain.com/mailman/listinfo, the output indicates that there are no lists on the server. This domain is a virtual server in Apache.

All of the lists have the domain list.mydomain.com in them so they don't need to change. They can all be accessed with a URL starting with list.mydomain .com. Its only the CGI executables like admin, listinfo etc that are using incorrect information for the lists.

Unfortunately, I only see configuration that is intended for list management so I am not sure how to set the URL for the master list of lists.


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