[Mailman-Users] Sibling lists (and other lists as list-members)

Adam McGreggor adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk
Thu Mar 11 18:10:35 CET 2010

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 08:41:02AM -0800, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Adam McGreggor wrote:
> >It seems to me that putting:
> >    nowhere-leads at lists.goingnowhere.org
> >    norg.bored at lists.goingnowhere.org
> >in 
> >    regular_exclude_lists 
> >
> >should work. That's my understanding of things from past-list posts,
> >and the little note on the wiki.
> >
> >Except it's not quite working. I'm still getting the message twice
> >(thrice), when sent.
> Because that's not the way to do it. Putting, e.g.
> nowhere-leads at lists.goingnowhere.org in regular_exclude_lists of
> nowhere-crew has no effect unless nowhere-leads at lists.goingnowhere.org
> is in a To: or Cc: header of the post to nowhere-crew. That is not the
> case here.

We used to suffer from cross-posting: I think that might have been
where I was getting confused, too.

> To use sibling lists, what you want is to remove the two sublists as
> members of nowhere-crew and instead add them to regular_include_lists.
> This will then add the regular (non-digest) members of the sub-lists
> to the recipient list of the post to nowhere-crew, as long as the
> sub-lists are not addressed in To: or Cc: of the post.

Thanks for the explanation & advice. I've done that, now, so will see
what happens next time someone posts (I hate test messages sent to
live-lists (and am too lazy to whizz up a testing trio)).

> The caveat here is only regular members of the sublists will receive
> the post (if they aren't members of nowhere-crew). Digest members of
> the sub-lists who aren't members of nowhere-crew will not get the post
> at all.

Your http://www.msapiro.net/scripts/set_nodigest.py was very useful :)

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