[Mailman-Users] migrated lists getting firefox error, and new name not original list name

Troy Campbell troy.campbell at fedex.com
Mon Mar 15 03:17:26 CET 2010


I just migrated some lists from a server called
mailman.rmtc.fedex.com to a new server called
mailman2.rmtc.fedex.com (both running
2.1.9) and configuring things to try to keep the
lists the original @mailman.rmtc.fedex.com name
and I'm running into two issues. 

First I've started getting the following error in firefox
on Mailman pages where I try to add a user or create
a list using the web pages:

"Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party.  Are you sure you want to continue sending this information?"

Then when I hit "Continue" nothing happens, it's
like I hit "Cancel".  The workaround is to use the
command line to do the function (such as add a member).

I modified this in mm_cfg.py on mailman2 (after
migrating) to:

fqdn = 'mailman.rmtc.fedex.com'

so as to have everything stay
@mailman.rmtc.fedex.com in the name.

Also I'm rewriting http to https URLs however I was
doing that on the original server and not getting this

After creating a newlist I see this:

# withlist -l troytest
Loading list troytest (locked)
The variable `m' is the troytest MailList instance
>>> m.getListAddress('admin')
'troytest-admin at mailman.rmtc.fedex.com'
>>> m.getListAddress()
'troytest at mailman.rmtc.fedex.com'

which seems to be what I want (not mailman2...).

I was going to try running the withlist...fix_url command
on all the lists I brought over but thought I should wait/see
as the issue seems to be related more to the "fqdn"
not taking effect?

Secondly when I send an email using a test list I also get
@mailman2.rmtc.fedex.com as the email address rather
than @mailman.rmtc.fedex.com?

Any help with either issue appreciated!


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