[Mailman-Users] Autosubscribe email address

Bibek Shrestha bibekshrestha at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 07:19:11 CEST 2010

We're programmatically generating mailing lists
list1 at example.com list2 at example.com

We've also creating new email addresses
user1 at domain.com, user2 at domain.com

How is it possible to subscribe user1 at domain.com to list1 at example.com

Currently, i'm looking into send commands to list1-request at example.com with
  subscribe password nodigest address=user1 at domain.com

This however sends back a confirmation request, how can i subscribe
only the autogenerated user1 at domain.com without confirmation?
The rest of the normal users would still have to confirm before they
are subscribed.
Bibek Shrestha
bibekshrestha at gmail dot com
Blog: http://bibekshrestha.com.np
Twitter: http://twitter.com/bibstha

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