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Mon May 3 04:46:52 CEST 2010

I am sure [most Mark -:)] know that I AM a huge fan & supporter
of MM even tho I am stuck with the cPanel version.

I have been reading all the mails on this subject with a bunch of
questions swirling around my teeny brain -:) !!

<< Let me give further explanation of why I need this. The site I 
support is a community band. When there is an email set to everyone from 
the director about something, we do not want each person to reply to 
all. They should only be replying back to the person who sent the email 
(the director). That is why we want to limit the reply to all. >>

So my only remaining question is "Why a MM List at all. ?" ??

Simply have the Director set-up a 'Group' in his eMail Client,
SEND to the 'Group' and then there would ONLY be ONE
person anyone in the 'Group' could "Reply-to:" [or even
"Reply-all:"  which would only yield the Director] ?!?!?

Even an 'Announcement Only' type List does NOT make sense
to me ?!?!?!

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