[Mailman-Users] bounces

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed May 5 03:29:21 CEST 2010

kalin m wrote:
> so if it's not 5xx it's not a bad email?  i see dsn=4.0.0. that's not 
> enough?

In SMTP 4.y.z DSNs are "temporary" errors.  They could be caused by a 
spam filter over loaded, or the system shutting down, or...

> i'm assuming it's retried by the mta. the settings in mailman clearly 
> state that it should be discarded right away...

The 4.y.z should be seen as an invitation for the SMTP server to try 
sending the message again at a later time.

The MTA will eventually time out the message and generate a permanent error.

Grant. . . .

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