[Mailman-Users] weird message in /var/log/mailman/vette file

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed May 19 15:30:44 CEST 2010

Masaharu Kawada quoted me and wrote:
>>and optionally,
>>3)Add 'MAILTO=the_address_of_the_mailman_site_admin' to Mailman's
>>crontab so errors will be mailed directly to the admin instead of to
>>the list. 
>As for the step 3, in this case, 'root@' should be set on the 'MAILTO='
>line in mailman's crontab? 'The_address_of_the_mailman_site_admin' is 'mailman@' though.

mailman at ... is a list, not a person. There is no point in adding
MAILTO=mailman at ... to Mailman's crontab as that is where the mail goes
by default anyway and steps 1 and 2 should ensure that the appropiate
person/people receive it.

Step 3 is only if you want to bypass the mailman list entirely and
deliver these cron errors directly to a person, but for ease of
maintenance, it is probably better not to do this and to deliver the
errors to the site list as long as it's configured so someone actually
recieves the mail.

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