[Mailman-Users] Images lose integrity and size changes.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu May 20 18:27:58 CEST 2010

Ty Nelson wrote:

>Pretty basic question, I'm hoping.  First of all-Hello everyone!  W hen
>sending a newsletter out via mailman (postfix mta), what is the best method
>for setting the images correctly and in the appropriate places.  Meaning,
>sometimes they shift from where we originally placed them, and the entire
>framework of the newsletter is compromised.  We have been using outlook to
>build up the newsletters before sending them, but perhaps there is a better
>method when it comes to using mailman.  Is there a trick to this, or is the
>error on our end (which almost always seems the case)  :)

Check your content filtering settings. If this is a newsletter with
posts only from you or a controlled group, it's probably best to have
filter_content set to No, but if you are filtering content for some
reason, be sure collapse_alternatives is set to No.

If filter_content is No, and your newsletter is still altered, it could
be because of an added Mailman header and/or footer. If this is an
issue, make sure that Non-digest options msg_header and msg_footer are
empty (not just blank).

If filter_content is No and there is no msg_header or msg_footer, the
message delivered from Mailman should have exactly the same structure
and content as the post you send.

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