[Mailman-Users] maximum hop count exceeded

Ted Targosz tedtarg at jobstreet.com
Tue May 25 05:05:02 CEST 2010

While not strictly a mailman question,  I'm having a problem with 
delivering mail to a few list members because their mail server sees our 
mail man messages as having too many hops.

my mailman server is behind a Anti-Spam Anti-Virus Gateway Email Server 
using Postfix, Amavisd-new, SpamAssassin, Razor, DCC, Pyzor and ClamAV

similar to one describe here http://www200.pair.com/mecham/spam/   or 
here  http://www.freespamfilter.org/about.html

and it works great,  except that this gateway and amavisd  adds a few 
internal hops to the incoming message as does my Mailman server so that 
by the time it gets back out to the list member, its carrying quite a 
lengthy hop count... and if the list member's mail server also has some 
internal hops or has the maximum hop count set pretty low..then pretty 
soon they hit

Remote host said: 554 Maximum hop count exceeded. Possible loop.

Obviously i can request that the list member's email administrator 
loosen their hop count criteria, but these guys are usually not top of 
the class administrators...  and I don't want to hunt them down one by 

so I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this and knew of a 
workaround (besides bypassing the gateway)


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