[Mailman-Users] User Preferences

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Fri Oct 8 21:02:52 CEST 2010

On 2010-10-07 5:50 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Tanstaafl wrote:
>> How does one go about defining which user prefs are available to users
>> when they log into their users page?
>> Is it possible to pick and choose? Hopefully without having to dog into
>> the code?

> The user options page is built from the options.html template. If you
> want to remove certain settings from the page, you can make sitewide,
> domainwide or list specific edited version of the options.html
> template with those settings removed.

Thanks Mark...

IS pretty much every option available as a per user pref? I'm
specifically interested in the inclusion (or not) of [Subject Tags]...

> See the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/jYA9> for info on where to save
> the edited template.

Thanks again... :)

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