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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Cannot set digest mode via URL
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   Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 00:06:55 -0700
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>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
>I did see that answer, and did use rawurlencode to encode the email strings,
>and it's still not working.
Go to the web admin Membership Management... -> Membership List page(s)
and view the page source. Each user's row should look like

      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_unsub"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
href="../../options/gpc-talk/username--at--gmail.com">username at gmail.com</a><br><INPUT
name="username%40gmail.com_realname" type="TEXT" value="Users Name"
size="20" ><INPUT name="user" type="HIDDEN"
value="username%40gmail.com" ></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_mod"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_hide"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_nomail"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>

      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_ack"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_notmetoo"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_nodupes"
type="CHECKBOX" value="on" CHECKED ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_digest"
type="CHECKBOX" value="off" ></center></td>
      <td><center><INPUT name="username%40gmail.com_plain"
type="CHECKBOX" value="on" CHECKED ></center></td>
<Select name="username%40gmail.com_language">
 <option value="en" Selected> English (USA) </option>


The only thing that changed on this page changed between Mailman 2.1.9
and 2.1.10 and that was the encoding of '@' as '%40' in the email
addresses, and also encoding of a few other characters, double-quote
in particular.

Ther chould be no differences between cPanel's page and the
corresponding upstream Mailman page.

I note in your original post, you said:

>First you have to subscribe them, then you would issue the following URL:
>This has also worked for a few years, but I just found out that it isn't
>working.  I can set someone to digest mode by manually accessing that same
>page, but the URL no longer does the job.  When I issue the URL manually in
>my browser, instead of setting the user to digest mode and returning me to
>the screen with the user on it, it returns me to the /members page,
>displaying a list of users.

Which is exactly what I would expect. That URL is equivalent to
checking the user's 'digest box on the membership list and clicking
Submit Your Changes. It will normally return to the same page.

I have not looked to see if this is an issue, but there is one
potential glitch. If the number of list members exceeds
admin_member_chunksize, there will be an additional query fragment in
the URL like


for an email address beginning with "u". In fact it can be even more
complex if the number of users beginning with a single letter exceeds

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