[Mailman-Users] mailman web interface via reverse proxy ; hostname is set properly on list pages, but not on base listinfo

Daniel Maher dma+mailman at witbe.net
Sun Sep 19 15:07:41 CEST 2010

On 09/08/2010 05:42 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Daniel Maher wrote:
>> For example, via http://proxy.dom.ain/mailman/admin/list all of the
>> links on the page point (properly) to
>> http://proxy.dom.ain/mailman/admin/list/* as expected ; all except the
>> final "Overview of all ,x.dom.ain mailing lists" link, which points to
>> .
>> Likewise, on http://proxy/mailman/listinfo the header states "
>> Mailing Lists", and makes references to "mailing lists on", and
>> to contact "mailman at" for problems.
> The host portion of those URLs comes from the get_domain() function in
> Mailman/Utils.py which gets it from the environment passed by Apache
> to the CGI. It uses HTTP_HOST if present or SERVER_NAME if no
> If you set VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW = No in mm_cfg.py, it will use
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST instead which is probably what you want.
> I think you can also get Apache to provide the name you want with the
> ServerName and UseCanonicalName directives in httpd.conf, but setting
> VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW = No  is probably preferable in your case.

Thank you for your excellent advice and explanation ; setting 
"VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW = no" did the trick.

For anybody in the future that might find this thread in the archives, i 
would also like to note that i had to set "DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 
'https://%s/mailman/'" in order to make sure that the URLs got written 
with https instead of http (default).

For more info :

Cheers !

Daniel Maher <dma PLUS mailman AT witbe DOT net>
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