[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.14 released.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Sep 20 21:32:39 CEST 2010

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I am happy to announce the final release of GNU Mailman 2.1.14.

Mailman 2.1.14 is mainly a bug fix release, but it contains one
security fix as previously announced at
and one new feature.

It differs from the previously released 2.1.14rc1 only in wording
clarifications and typo corrections in a few messages.

This new feature controls the addition/replacement of the Sender:
header in outgoing mail. This allows a list owner to set
include_sender_header on the list's General Options page in the
admin GUI. The default for this setting is Yes which preserves the prior
behavior of removing any pre-existing Sender: and setting it to the
list's -bounces address. Setting this to No stops Mailman from adding or
modifying the Sender: at all.

Additionally, there is a new Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py setting
ALLOW_SENDER_OVERRIDES which defaults to Yes but which can be set to No
to remove the include_sender_header setting from General Options, and
thus preserve the prior behavior completely.

Python 2.4 is the minimum supported, but Python 2.5.or 2.6 is recommended.

See the changelog at <https://launchpad.net/mailman/2.1/2.1.14> for
more details.

Mailman is free software for managing email mailing lists and
e-newsletters. Mailman is used for all the python.org and
SourceForge.net mailing lists, as well as at hundreds of other sites.

For more information, please see:


Mailman 2.1.14 can be downloaded from


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