[Mailman-Users] RELEASED: Mailman 3.0 alpha 6

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Tue Sep 21 00:24:22 CEST 2010

I happy (and somewhat relieved :) to announce the release of the sixth alpha
for Mailman 3.0.  There is much new coolness that you will want to explore.

The biggest change is that the administrative REST API has been greatly
improved and is now reasonably well fleshed out.  You can create and delete
domains and mailing lists, subscribe and unsubscribe members, and reconfigure
your mailing lists through the REST API.  The documentation has specific
examples of how to do it.  This means that you can actually start to try to
integrate Mailman with your web sites.

The big push between now and the first beta will be to complete the import of
Mailman 2.1 data, and integrate it with the UI work done by Anna and Florian
for the GSoC.

The tarball can be downloaded from Launchpad or the Cheeseshop:


The full documentation is also available online:


See below for the changes since alpha 5.  Please note that Mailman 3 is not
yet ready for production, although we'd love it if you test it and provide


3.0 alpha 6 -- "Cut to the Chase"

 * The functionality of 'bin/list_members' has been moved to
   'bin/mailman members'.
 * 'bin/mailman info' -v/--verbose output displays the file system
   layout paths Mailman is currently configured to use.

 * You can now configure the paths Mailman uses for queue files, lock files,
   data files, etc. via the configuration file.  Define a file system 'layout'
   and then select that layout in the [mailman] section.  Default layouts
   include 'local' for putting everything in /var/tmp/mailman, 'dev' for local
   development, and 'fhs' for Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.3 (LP #490144).
 * Queue file directories now live in $var_dir/queues.

 * lazr.restful has been replaced by restish as the REST publishing technology
   used by Mailman.
 * New REST API for getting all the members of a roster for a specific mailing
 * New REST API for getting and setting a mailing list's configuration.  GET
   and PUT are supported to retrieve the current configuration, and set all
   the list's writable attributes in one request.  PATCH is supported to
   partially update a mailing list's configuration.  Individual options can be
   set and retrieved by using subpaths.
 * Subscribing an already subscribed member via REST now returns a 409 HTTP
   error.  LP: #552917
 * Fixed a bug when deleting a list via the REST API.  LP: #601899

 * X-BeenThere header is removed.
 * Mailman no longer touches the Sender or Errors-To headers.
 * Chain actions can now fire Zope events in their _process()
 * Environment variable $MAILMAN_VAR_DIR can be used to control the var/
   directory for Mailman's runtime files.  New environment variable
   $MAILMAN_UNDER_MASTER_CONTROL is used instead of the qrunner's --subproc/-s

 * Allow X-Approved and X-Approve headers, equivalent to Approved and
   Approve. LP: #557750
 * Various test failure fixes.  LP: #543618, LP: #544477
 * List-Post header is retained in MIME digest messages.  LP: #526143
 * Importing from a Mailman 2.1.x list is partially supported.

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