[Mailman-Users] Mail to list delivers into a local mailbox instead of the list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Feb 3 23:33:41 CET 2011

Ron Aaron wrote:
>I created a new domain "lists.my.dom", where the "my.dom" is the actual doman.  
>In postfix "main.cf"  I added a special "/etc/mailman/transport" which has the 
>single line:
>     lists.my.dom   mailman:
>The default setup of master.cf already has an appropriate mailman line in it.
>I also have the "recipient_delimiter", "owner_request_special" and 
>"mailman_destination_recipient_limit" set as per the FAQs I've read.  I also 
>have "virtual_alias_domains" set to lists.my.dom, because without it postfix 
>doesn't seem to recognize mail to that domain.

Which indicates Postfix is not seeing that mail to lists.my.dom is
using the mailman transport.

Have you added hash:/etc/mailman/transport to transport_maps in
main.cf? have you run "postmap /etc/mailman/transport" to update

>I've got mm_cfg.py set for POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS , and have tried both 
>MTA=None and MTA-Postfix to no avail.

Those have no effect on postfix_to_mailman.py delivery. You should have
MTA = None.

<side rant>
postfix_to_mailman.py is a third party module officially unsupported by
the GNU Mailman project. Maybe if everyone who had problems making
their Debian/Ubuntu installation work with postfix_to_mailman.py went
to Debian for support instead of coming here, Debian wold fix the
package or improve the documentation or whatever is necessary to avoid
these problems.
</side rant>

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