[Mailman-Users] Problem with Postfix/virtual setup, unknown user

Jim Wright jim at wrightthisway.com
Wed Jan 5 00:08:53 CET 2011

On Jan 4, 2011, at 12:12 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Jim Wright wrote:
>> I did some new googling using postfixadmin and mailman, and came across this page: http://freemars.org/howto/mailman.html, this got me a lot closer, I just needed to track down the most recent postfix-to-mailman.py script, make the required edits for my site, and I have now successfully created and sent email to my test list.
> While this may be an acceptable solution for you, you should be aware
> that use of postfix_to_mailman.py will create the same issues for
> non-list mail to the list domain that you had originally for list mail.
> I.e. postfix_to_mailman.py is designed for situations where there is a
> dedicated domain or domains for list mail only.

Right, I did create a separate domain for the lists, I didn't see it as being a huge issue.  It was definitely easier than revamping my postfix config.  ;)

Thanks, Mark!

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